What makes us better?

5-Step Process
We follow a carefully crafted 5-step process to ensure the best fit of candidate and position while providing the highest level of service to both our Job Seekers and Employers.

  1. Undertake a detailed assessment of the Clients’ needs and desires regarding the ideal candidate.
  2. Contact, interview and establish an ongoing relationship with Candidates.
  3. Thoroughly screen Candidates to ascertain skill level and experience then perform detailed reference check.
  4. Provide on-call support to both Candidates and Clients to ensure smooth job placement.
  5. Follow-up with both Clients and Candidates to ensure ongoing satisfaction and provide support over the entire course of the guarantee period for every placement.


Why use a Recruitment Specialist?

Jo-Anne Mouttet & Associates guarantees satisfaction with a ‘replace or refund’ policy for permanent and contract staff (see procedures document for details).

Our vast database of candidates have all been individually vetted, interviewed and categorized by our HR experts based on personal observations. Get to know our team here.

Significant cost savings are generally realized by outsourcing recruitment. You can find more detailed breakdowns of the potential cost savings using the links below: